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Stoke Mandeville & Other Parishes Charity

Charity commission reference 296174


Providing to the general benefit of the inhabitants of the Parishes of Stoke Mandeville, Great Missenden and Great and Little Hampden

Educational grants 2023/24


Click the button below to download the application form.


Please ensure you read the terms and conditions attached and submit your application with the correct supporting documents.

Christmas grants 2023

Residents over 70 years old, that have lived in the Parishes of Stoke Mandeville or Great & Little Hampden for 2 or more years, are now welcome to apply for the Charity's annual Christmas Grant.

Click the button below to download your application form & submit to the accounts & administration providers office by 22 November 2023. Please ensure you read and adhere to the terms & conditions provided with the application form.

Senior railcards

The Charity will reimburse the cost of a one year Senior Railcard for parishioners that have lived in the Stoke Mandeville Parish for 2 or more years and who are over 65 years of age.

Click the button below to download the application form & submit with proof of purchase.

Lifeline alarms

The Charity is happy to fund the costs of a Lifeline Alarm and key safe (provided by Aylesbury Housing Trust) for those parishioners who have lived in the Stoke Mandeville Parish for 2 or more years and believe that they would benefit from this service.

For full terms & conditions, click the button below & download the application form

Applying for a Grant?

Meetings of the Trustees will take place during January, April, July and October.

Please submit applications for grants not covered by an application form, to the Administrator by the 1st of these months.

Find the Administrator's contact details below.

Need our help?

The Stoke Mandeville and Other Parishes Charity is an independent Charity and not part of the Parish Council. The Charity’s constitution provides that the Charity should act for the general benefit of the Parishioners of Stoke Mandeville, Great Missenden and Great & Little Hampden.

Other than the grants mentioned on this website, the Charity will consider all applications for financial assistance in relation to hardship, illness, disability and misfortune.

If you believe you would benefit from the financial assistance of the Charity and your requirements are not covered by one of our application forms, please apply in writing to the Administrator. Applications should include full and specific details of your requirement, including other sources of funds available, and 2 or more quotes for any equipment or works.

Applications are only heard at one of the Charity’s quarterly meetings. Please submit applications in good time for the next meetings’ of the Trustess, by the 1st of the month in January, April, July and October.




Correspondence address only:

17 Elham Way
HP21 9XN

The Administrator's office

The Administrator's office is now open.


Usual office hours are:

Monday 10am -3pm

Friday 10am -12pm

We will endeavour to respond to all correspondence ASAP within these times.

Please note that we do not acknowledge receipt of application forms due to sheer volume.

Please do not email photographed copies of application forms and supporting documents as we are unable to read them clearly.

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